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 Staff Application

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PostSubject: Staff Application   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:37 pm

Ok, I think I have to repost this for the
benefit of new applicants. Please take note of these simple
requirements before applying. All applicants:

1: MUST have at least [b]50 forum posts[/b]. If the applicant was an active member of the old site there's NO NEED to have 50 posts before applying.

2: Introduce yourself

a.) [color=red]Real Name [/color]: Optional

b.) [color=red]Age[/color] : Optional

c.) [color=red]Sex[/color] : Required

d.) [color=red]Nationality[/color] Required

e.) [color=red]Location[/color] Required

3: Specify what position you are applying for ie Moderator, Help, Programmer/Coder, Site Promoter etc.

4: MUST answer the following questions.

a.) What special skills/talent do you have? - With special skills prefered but not required.

b.) Are you an admin or staff member of other sites? If so, what
sites are they ? - Good experience is desired but too much
responsibilities at other sites means less time and participation here.

c.) Approximately how many hours are you going to spare for the site.

d.) Why do you want to be part of the staff here?

Once the application have been filed, applicant will be under
observation so dont lose hope if it's not acted upon immediately. All
those who posted will be on 1st priority if qualifed. If anyone thinks
it's a waste of time to answer these questions then they are not fit to
be staff so no need to apply.

an applicant cant follow a simple instruction about pre-requisite
BEFORE applying for staff here, chances are he/she wont get hired in
the near future. And it's not really about the number of posts. It was
just placed there to deter newly joined members from applying. Once the
application is filed , he/she will be under observation. Until when?
Maybe until the applicant have proven his worth. Patience and
consistency is a virtue we all need. Also remember that if people
really want to help out or share something one really dont need a
position to do so.

There are many qualified members here but cant be hired because of
their priorities. Some of the former staff was "retired" because of
their priorities. Not bad to have other priorities ofcourse but if the
responsibilities delegated to a staff cant be met anymore then it's
time to give way to others who can.

Former staff members may be re-instated as staff if they promise to
set CP as one of their top priorities and ofcourse can back it up with
some tangible actions. Just send me a site PM if this is the case. [img]http://cyber-pinoys.net/modules/Forums/images/smiles/icon_peace.gif[/img]

Hope this clears everything regarding this matter.
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Staff Application
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